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Thu 14 August 2014

As the situation in Ferguson has escalated, we and others have been talking more and more about the militarization of police work in the US - something we're seeing to a wild degree in Ferguson but is actually pervasive across the United States. We have several pieces in the works you'll probably see over the course of the day delving into various aspects of that part of the story. But there's one part of this, one caveat, worth noting. A substantial amount of what we're seeing might be better termed the "Hollywoodization" rather than the "militarization" of police work.

Bam, Bam, Bam

So did the Ferguson PD get military surplus gear from that Pentagon program which has handed out various heavily armored ambush protection vehicles to local police departments around the country? Well, indeed they did !

Statement from Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D)

Harrowing images tonight out of Ferguson, Missouri.

Harrowing Images Out of Ferguson

Jay Nixon (D) has just released a statement on the escalating events in Ferguson.