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Fishing Survey Norfolk Canyon Strong Fall And 9/5 Trolling

Sat 06 September 2014

I fished Norfolk Canyon today, beautiful water but no one was home for me on the troll. So I decide to try a couple of deep drop drifts and caught some black belly rose fish and this fish that I can not identify. ?? Attached Thumbnails

Question Best Fish Finder/GPS combo for less than 2000.00

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Good Information Back Bay NWR Night Surf Fishing

Ive started looking at electronics, and its quite overwhelming. My budget is just about 2000.00 give or take a few $$. We plan on using the boat mostly on the bay with a few trips offshore. Although side scanning is pretty awesome, its not absolutely necessary. I currently use a HDS 5, which is nice but I'd like something with a bigger screen.

Fishing Report 9/5 Cobia frenzy

Back on the fish, I catch a short, Alex catches a 49" keeper, Dave gets another one. Another pod, Catch two more. Troll some more, got a hit on the spoon but doesn't come tight.